Heroes no more…

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Book Reviews

You know how sometimes you are really faithful to something (like a TV show), and as you watch it, you can see it getting worse and worse and declining, but since you have put a lot of time and interest in it, you keep watching, hoping it will get better?

I’ve been watching Heroes, since day one. I loved the first season. I’ve remained faithful for the second an third season, enduring long breaks and mediocre stories, because let’s be honest, the characters are the stuff of comic book legend! But no more!

Season four so far has been the pits! What is the deal with Sam and the Carnival? Claire with another vain attempt at a normal life? Sylar and Matt playing games with each other, making an already unlikeable Matt Parkman, well, even more unlikeable! Wasting an amazing character in Sylar! Peter being yet again a martyr!

That’s it, I can’t take it any more! I am not watching Heroes tonight nor is it going on the DVR. I’m officially done with the show. Sure, I might catch it on reruns, but I just can’t take the weekly disappointment any more.

When is Chuck coming on again?


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