Who should be Captain America?

Posted: March 18, 2010 in Comics

Or better yet, do we even care? While I am a huge fan of the comic book movie genre, sometimes you just have to say enough. Captain America might be that line that shouldn’t be crossed.

So, that quip aside, let’s actually talk about who should play the iconic American hero. According to Parellel Universe, the list is somewhat short. Her are the leaders for the role: John Krasinski (The Office), Channing Tatum, Ryan Phillipe, Dane Cook (huh?), and Chris Evans. The list is longer, but who really cares? From this list, there is only one clear choice for me, and that would be Chris Evans.

Evans is best known for his previous role as The Human Torch, aka, Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four movie. He also starred int the movie Push, which I thought was a really good Sci-Fi film.

Anyway, my choice from the short list is Evans. He’s got the look and could probably pull off the straight-laced Steve Rogers, the super-soldier from WWII that becomes trapped under the ice and is revived decades later to once again become an American icon and champion.

Putting aside that Captain America was never a fave of mine, why do we need a CA movie? If someone is making an Avengers movie, by all means, Cap should be at the forefront. But in this stand alone feature keep this in mind: this is a character that Marvel killed off in spectacular fashion not that long ago.

Some good news for the movie is that Hugo Weaving (The Matrix) has supposedly been cast as Cap’s nemesis, Red Skull.

There are other issues that the article also brings up that I’m not going to tackle here, but if you want to, check out the link above.


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