A Father’s Perspective On Adoption

Posted: September 28, 2010 in Adoption

So, as you all know, Jess and I are in the process of adopting. We are both really excited and the waiting game we are playing right now is trying. To fill in our “waiting period”, the adoption agency recommends that we spend this time doing some fund-raising, which by the way is going very well, and doing some reading.

As Jess has been bringing home books, I’ve dutifully said, “Oh, I’ll read them” and when I’ve put aside my myriad of distractions, I actually start. I love to read, so tackling some adoption books sounded like no big deal. I started reading several of these books and then my male brain noticed something: these books are all written by women!

While all the women out there are saying, “So?”, all of us men should be saying, “Where are all the books written by the guys for the guys?!?!” While these books were great, I wasn’t connecting because, well, I’m a man! And I repeated this mantra many times when asked, “Are you reading any of the adoption books?”

Well, my wonderful wife listened to my plaintive cries and found me a couple of books for my birthday that are from, finally, the male perspective.

The first book is by a sports writer (how manly…) by the name of Ted Kluck and is called Hello, I Love You: Adventures In Adoptive Fatherhood. He and his wife adopted two boys from the Ukraine. This book is an absolute riot! He starts by talking about his interactions with the Ukrainian Special Police. Their alarm on the rented flat didn’t quite work the way it was supposed to. I’ve laughed and cried as a fellow man writes about his experiences in adoptive fatherhood. Great read so far!

The other book Jess got me was by John Newton. It’s called Letters And Reflections To My Adopted Daughters. John Newton, as many of you know, is the guy who penned the classic hymn “Amazing Grace”. While this one is old school, I’ve looking forward to reading it. I’m sure fatherly advice and love hasn’t changed over the last couple hundred years…

Adoptive dads-to-be, here are some books for you! Enjoy and embrace your manliness!!!


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