Where can we vote for Nathan Fillion to play Drake in “Uncharted” and why do people that cast movies get people who don’t look anything like the character in question?

Posted: July 27, 2011 in Movies

Since the PS3 to big screen adaptation is in such trouble, losing both its director and Mark Wahlberg, where can we vote for Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly) to fill the role of Drake? As evidence, note how he actually looks like the character in question.

Pretty close, huh? Fillion’s got the rugged good looks and debonair charm to fill the Drake role. Not that Mark Wahlberg would have been bad. Marky Mark knows how to do action, but look at Mr. Fillion! We’ve got a winner folks!

However, here is a real bone of contention I’m currently having with Hollywood: Tom Cruise playing Lee Child’s Jack Reacher!

Are you serious, Casting Director?! They don’t look anything alike! Jack Reacher is something like 250 pounds, muscles beyond muscles, 6′ 5″, and blond hair! Tom Cruise is short! He is like 5’7″ on a good day! And the hair…

Now, if they were actually looking for an actor that could really stand up (haha) to the Jack Reacher legacy, let’s try out Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood: 6’4″, 250lbs, and best of all, blond hair. How about Mr. Skarsgard as Jack Reacher?

Perfect! He’s got the muscles, the hair, and the olive drab t-shirt! He’s perfect for the part! This is Jack Reacher right here!

Where can we vote for Mr. Skarsgard and get Tom Cruise off the One Shot island?


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